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Parts and where to get them

Need parts?  Need chemicals?  Need tools?
In this article, Alaric D and Michael T have a few words to say about where to get parts and tools.
Remember the adage, "you get what you pay for"?  Well, it's also true that "you don't get what you don't pay for".  There are some items that getting from the OEM is the only viable option.

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Category Type Name Description Manufacturer Recommend purchase place Rating (1-5)
Chemicals Internal Engine Cleaners Kano Kreen Clean the engine internals by using in fuel, crankcase oil, and as a piston soak Kano Labs Kreen *****
Seafoam We use it as an induction system cleaner (through the PVC hose or brake booster hose) and as an occasional fuel additive. We also pour a 1/3d of a can into our crankcase and drive a few miles immediately prior to an oil change. Seafoam Sales Company Anywhere fine automotive products are sold. (Check your parts store, Menard's, or Atwood's) ****
Marvel Mystery Oil Abbreviated "MMO", this has been recommended as a piston soak, top-cylinder lubricant (in fuel), and an oil additive. We haven't tried it, yet! Marvel Mystery Oil Anywhere fine automotive products are sold. UNTESTED
BG44K Fuel system additive. BG Products Often the dealer will offer to "install" it for you. They just pour it in your tank. They may also offer to do an induction service. ***
External Engine Cleaners GUNK Foaming Engine Cleaner Clean the outside of the engine and in the engine bay. (Hint: Drive to the closest self-serve car wash bay. Spray it on all over the place under the hood, especially where grime collects. Shut the hood, wash the rest of the car, then power wash the engine. The one, two punch of the GUNK and the power washing makes it clean.) Radiator Specialty Company Anywhere fine automotive products are sold. *****
Spray Lubricants AeroKroil "Frozen" metal part? Stuck screw/bolt? Not anymore. Seriously, you will never use anything else on a stuck metal part. They say it's the "oil that creeps"-- I say that it's the oil that WORKS. Kano Labs AeroKroil *****
Gearope A gear and cable lubricant that clings. Great for gears and cables, such as the cables on garage doors.  We could go on forever about all the Kano Labs products.  This is another winner in our book. Kano Labs Gearope ****
Parts Engine Parts MAF Sensor The Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor. OEM only.  Seriously, do not get any other part but the OEM part here. OEM knows best.  No, that guy on that one forum is wrong about that aftermarket part.  So's the other guy on that other forum.  Idiots.
PCV Valve The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve. OEM only.  Seriously, do not get any other part but the OEM part here. This is one of those parts that the OEM knows best on.

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