ColonSlash Performance - A Bargain in Lighting?

There are plenty of products out there where saving money is perfectly acceptable.  Shampoo, dry pasta, tinned soup-- but there are other products that one shouldn't shop for on price alone.

Automotive lighting is life-safety, mission-critical equipment.  A few cents or even dollars saved can cost you in the long run (or even in the short term). Car accidents waste your time, subject you to possible injury, and damage your property. A car accident that could have been prevented by spending a few more dollars on a light bulb undoes that brief savings. If it can be said "you get what you pay for", remember the further implication that "you don't get what you don't pay for".

Here, we see the HIR1 bulb (commonly described with the trade number 9011) in both Wagner and Philips brands:
Brand Notes Image
Wagner This image of the Wagner 9011 (HIR1) comes from Amazon, a picture of an exemplar bulb to aid purchasing decisions. Here, you'll see that the filament is not perfectly aligned axially-- this causes a loss in beam focus Wagner HIR1 showing filament skew
Philips This is an exemplar image of the Philips 9011 (HIR1). Note the nearly-perfect filament alignment. Philips HIR1 showing filament alignment

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