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Dear Toyota Nation Forums,

My next door neighbor works on his pickup truck frequently, but now that the weather's turned hot, he's doing it either very early in the morning, or very late at night. I've tried talking to him about it, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. What can I do to get him to give us a little peace and quiet?

--Mechanic's Neighbor in Mechanicsburg

Dear Neighbor,

17s, way to big and heavy. Like everyone here is sayin, dont go bigger than 15-16. As far as what to do with your suspension, go with fully adjustable coilovers. I have coilover sleeves, the cheapo ones off ebay, and they feel just fine. Not as stiff as I want, but till I can get the money for the real thing... I digress. Don't go with just lowering springs unless you know what youre getting and will match your wheels to your fenders w/out too much or too LITTLE gap.

Dear Toyota Nation Forums,

Last night, my sons (aged fifteen and nine) and I were watching an action movie, and when a car ran off a bridge the older one blurted an expletive. I know that kids today are exposed to a lot of foul language at school, on TV, and on the radio, but they shouldn't be exposed to it from family members. How do I talk to my kids about such language without sounding like a fuddy-duddy?

--Censor in Cinncinnati

Dear Censor,

my only issue i see with that is being upside down.... did you put a lot of money down when buying the new one ???? if you are flipped more than 4k then i wouldnt bother at all....... i mean the s and the xrs are nice but they arent all that great...... i am fixing to buy a 2010 s model with leather next week and trade in my tacoma for it ( which not flipped on it breaking even)..... so its going to be my everyday car but my weekend car will be my is-f.. which is a blast to drive but I think in about a year or two will trade in the is-f for a viper..... but i dont think it will be a smart move financially to go to the s or xrs....... unless its just what you want then ...who cares if its what you want get it ...... but if you were able to get like a IS250 or even a nice se camry v6 for almost the same price monthly would you want that over the corolla? i think you would ... so if thats the case then i would pay off what you got and then trade it in after you have equity

Dear Toyota Nation Forums,

When my sister comes over to visit, it doesn't take long before she starts talking about how her husband goes bowling three nights a week. The thing is, I know her husband doesn't bowl, because he has carpal tunnel syndrome-- and I saw him at the grocery store with another woman on one of his "bowling nights". How do I tell her that I think he's going right up someone else's alley?

--Bowled over in Bowling Green

Dear Bowled,

ok, I have my taco 07 sport qc 6spd sitting in front of my house up for sale and an 07 tundra limited extended cab 5.7 trd exhaust and trd CAI in the back. I stopped caring about numbers long ago after I realized the taco passed everything but gas stations, it is what it is. I tow a skidoo in the winter and a boat in the summer and it pretty much sucked for mileage. A common trip that is a great idea for a mileage comparison (or better yet where the needle sits at the end which is all that really matters) is a fishing trip with a 17' boat deep V from my house to whitecourt which is 200kms. Taco would be at the 1/4 tank left mark and that is at 115km/hr speed when the cruise didn't cut off due to speed drop on small hills and then pedal to the floor in 3rd. Tundra is half tank left after the 200km trip with it in the same speed range of 115 and mostly 120 on cruise with no drop in speed up any hills. So for this trip which has been made numerous times it is a no brainer that the tundra is far superior to the taco in the mileage department and has the power to really pull past anything. I have both trucks so my opinion is legit, this is only for those that are thinking that the taco is better on gas then the tundra, tundra wins hands down. The tundra drinks the fuel in the city, but that is my fault as it is just too fun to listen the trd exhaust purr under pressure ;-)

That is my two cents! Don't get me wrong about the taco, it is a great truck looks and otherwise, just don't expect great gas numbers and super power when towing "anything" (in no way would I ever consider putting 6500lbs behind that truck unless I was going across the street). I think the taco will leave you wanting the big boy, although I do miss the small size of the taco, that is all I miss. For some great prices you can pick up a slightly used fully loaded tundra for the same as a new taco.

Confidential to Seamstress in Seattle: x1000000000000

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